Mark Anton


July 1965 - December 1967

Arrived single and sassy, left married and humble.

Before I go any further, like many others, I feel that my tour of duty at Farfan was the best tour of duty I ever experienced while serving in the U.S. Navy. The people I met there were super and have stayed on my mind since I met them, and I consider them true shipmates.

Now, on to the biography -

Left Farfan in December 1967 as a RM2, married to the sister of Manual and Jose, the Farfan cooks, and headed for Norfolk, VA and USS NORTHAMPTON (CC-1); a National Emergency Command Post Afloat (NECPA) and the Presidential Command Post Afloat. (Callsign: NCYO) GAWD! Spit and polish all the way - man, far cry from Farfan! Alot of low morale throughout the 125 Radiomen. That is another story!

Shipped over - after 3 months onboard (after all I had a wife and baby on the way!) with a promise of RM "B" School and Communications System Technician School. OH! And the $6,000 re-enlistment bonus didn't hurt either!

In January 1969, this RM2, with his wife and new son, arrived at RM"B" School in Bainbridge, MD followed by COMSYSTECHSCOL in December 1969. Never, ever, studied so much in my entire life!

In April 1970 I was ordered to Navcommsta Greece where I was assigned to technical control working my way up from the crypto room to receivers to main floor. MODS and DEMODS - ARGHHH! Made RM1 in May 1970 and received my 2319 designation in 1973. My second son was born in Athens, Greece.

In July 1974 I was ordered to Navcommsta Balboa (HELLO!) and assigned to Headquarters & tech control. Drats! Really wanted Farfan but they had no need for a RM1 2319. Was promoted to RMC in 1976.

In July 1977 I was ordered to COMDESRON FOUR in Charleston SC - (I was initially ordered to the USS MAHAN but, and get this! - the CO wanted to keep his RMC onboard because they were making a UNITAS cruise and wanted continuity! Who did he think handled UNITAS? Maybe NAVCOMMSTA BALBOA? HMMM?!) Oh well! In the end, I think I got the better deal. Great squadron to serve under. Really top notch people. As luck would have it, USS Mahan was in our squadron!!! Served as assistant staff communications officer for the squadron and communications chief for the 22 ships assigned to COMDESRON FOUR. Great taste of sea duty.

Promoted to RMCS in 1979. On the other end of the spectrum I was also divorced in 1980. In July 1981 I was ordered to COMNAVMILSPERCOM as a Radioman Detailer - you all remember your detailer right? And, remember him with love in your heart, I would bet! Served as detailer for over 2000 E-5 Radiomen in the Pacific area. Loved the job and the people. In July 1983 I was asked to served as Assistant Section Head, Surface New Construction Section, Manning. My last official function was manning the USS IOWA, (BB-61) with people who had served on Battleships previously. What a blast! Loved talking to 60 year old gunners mates who had served before and couldn't wait to serve again onboard IOWA.

In July 1984 I transferred to the Fleet Reserve. Since then, I have been involved in the listing and selling of real estate in the Northern Virginia area. Received my broker's license in 1987. Currently hanging my license at RE/Max Select Properties, Inc. as an Associate Broker.

Recently purchased a hole in the water, errrrrr, I mean a power boat! Enjoy being out on the Chesapeake Bay whenever I get the chance. NOTE: Married again to a great woman, Beth, for the past 24 years. She brought 2 girls into the marriage and I, of course, had my two sons.

My second son, Christopher, just recently joined the Navy at age 34!!! He loves it and wishes he had done it at age 18. He is stationed at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, VA (just down the road from Pop) as an Air Traffic Controller,

My firstborn, Eric, is a chef (guess he got Manual and Jose's genes) and co-owns an italian restaurant in Grayton Beach, Florida.

That's all for now!


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