Our Friend and Shipmate
Richard Champagne

Richard was 19 when he suffered a fatal motorcycle accident in Panama on June 2 1965. He was stationed at the U.S. Nval Receiver Station, Farfan, NAVCOMMSTA Balboa, Panama C.Z.
Richard now rests at St. John the Baptist Cemetery (Section F, lot number 1:18) in Bellingham, Massachusetts.


Here is our dear friend, Dick, right out in front, enjoying himself to the fullest. He was always a spirited and fun buddy to be around.
We miss you, Richard Champagne.

Picture provided by Vic Behan...in the foreground (left to right), Bob (Zee) Zmolik, Vic Behan, and Richard Champagne. The big guy name on the left background is Kenny Blair (ET2). That is the top of Bob Cobb's head behind Vic.

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