Newly Promoted PO3's

1 9 6 5


1 9 6 6


This picture and the following note were provided by Vic Behan: "..this pic was taken November '65. It is the group which made 3rd class (RM3 and ET3) on that day. I am in the second row position 5. (short guy) I believe that is Erickson ET3 1st position second row (partially blocked) and Randy Shore in first row 4th position. The others, I can't remember."

Gerry Surette has provided this additional ID: "...the center rear guy is Fairchild and the kid to his left (your right) is Dobson. I believe the first guy on the left in the first row is Larry Budd, second is Yancy and the third may be Toth from HQ."

Jerry Cox and Bob Hester confirm that the big/tall man on the far right, back row, is Gary Thoma, ETN3 (formerly RM2).


Picture and ID's provided by Jerry Cox.

L-R: Art Binford, Jerry Cox, Ladd, and Tom Megger

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