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These directions are for the original design of the mugs you saw on the mugshot gallery page.

If you want to, print this out and lay it alongside the computer, it might be easier to follow

You'll need to create a user account first.

Click Shop now! and look on the left for "mugs", click that.

Choose the first 11 oz mug. Right on top there. Click on the "Design" button. Choose template number 2 - the second gray square.

Now upload your 8X10 graphic - then choose that graphic. Look for the little box that says "fit" click on it, so your picture will fit on to the mug and not wrap around it.

Now you'll want to add your text so it looks like all the other mugs. in text box 1 type "Farfan Radio Station" and then choose font 30 STYLE "script" in text box 2 type "Balboa, CZ 1964 - 66" (or the years you were there) choose font 25 "Arial"

Click "Apply text"

Almost done...

Look up for the 3D Preview button. click it and see your cool mug that you just designed!

Now if it looks cool, click on "Add to Cart" and proceed to the checkout process.

Took a while....but you did it all by yourself! Congratulations, you're a mug designer!

Vic Behan