NBA Patch and/or Mug For You

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the Patch sewn on a Bluejacket

How to get a MUG:

At Wayne Braley's suggestion, Jerry Mader provided a good scan of the
NBA Work-Jacket Patch & Mug Original design by Vic Behan, back in the day..

Vic has spiffed up Jerry's scan and it's now availble as applications for your Mug (the embroidered patch image is the only one availble for the cloth patch) - or, of course, wherever else you might like to have the patch displayed (from mouse pads and placemats, notepads, matcbooks ...etc and et al).

These two renditions are ready for downloading to your machine - your PC. Click on the photo you'd like to use and you'll see it full size. Right click on the full size photo and select save or save as... (save as... if you want to change the name) and save it to a folder for pictures.

The mugs on the gallery page were designed by Vic at DiscountPhoto Gifts and his instructions for using this original design can be VIEWED HERE (a printer friendly page) There are many other places where mugs can be obtained - a few options are shown beneath the photos. We've found that's mugs are of excellent quality and that they are expeditious in their handling of individual orders.

CLICK for full-sized image in a new window.  On looking at the larger image, left click on the image for full-sized patch
The Original Patch Image
Click this image to see it solo
Embroidered Cloth Patch.
Use for any other applications.

Shutterfly Mugs


How to get the Embroidered NBAer's Patch:

Ray Spann, NBAer/Farfaner 1967-69, has arranged for our Patch to be available as an embroidered cloth patch that can be sewn on virtually any garmet you'd like. The original patch needed a little modification for the embroidered version.

5 Inch Diamter, Cotton cloth
$25.00 (includes USPS postage and handling)

Make E-mail enquiries to:

Payments should be by check made out to:
My Lady's Knight, Inc.

USPS enquires and payment Address:
My Lady's Knight, Inc.
4700 165th Avenue NW
Andover, MN 55304

Once you've obtained a Mug and/or Patch, take a mugshot of you holding it. Send it to Vic to post it along with the others here on the NBAers Playground Mugs 4 Mugs Gallery.