Promotions to 2nd Class and 3rd Class Petty Officers
Farfan Radiomen and Electronics Technicians

16 November, 1961


Newly Promoted Farfaners
Back Row, left to right -- Maurice Torrence - Ty' Stratton - George Unkle - Collins, (first name unknown) - Winston (Wendy) Pulaski - Lewis Day (Lew) - Alfred Carlson (Fred) - Max Rhinehart - Unknown - Dewey Carlisle - Gordon (Mitzie) Gaynor
Front Row, left to right -- Ward, (first name unknown) - James Arthur - Stephen Gibson (Steve) - George Mason - Greg Riley - unknown (ETN) - Jack Watson - Pete Bouvier - Larry Modchidler - Pete Rice

Picture and Captioning sent to us by Steve Gibson

RM2 Promotion Certificate
Courtesty of Shipmate Lew Day
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