A Tribute to "The Lemon Sisters"

These pictures were taken at the Farfan Barracks bar, where a Farfan anniversary party was held, in 1966 I believe. The guys did a little skit, which included lip syncing a "Lennon Sisters" tune. They called themselves
"The Lemon Sisters".

Here are pics of the preparation and culmination of their skit.

  Mark, getting stuffed.
Yep, wearing a dress does not make it go away, Joe. It's still there.    
Jose, getting stuffed - Bob Jones in the background.   
Pucker up, boys!
Boo Daddy, Joe and Mark Lemon.
Of course, Vic had to rush the stage. Mark was quite tempting!
Joe and Mark getting down!
We've seen better legs on a coffee table!
Boo Daddy sporting a huge rack!

Pictures compliments of Jim Noonan (first 6 photos) and Jon Compton (last 3 photos).

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