Larry Nelson


Big Larry Nelson

1962 - 1964

      Left the CZ on Dec 8, 64 for Charleston, S.C. for discharge on 22 Dec 64. Eldest born in the C.Z. Went to work for the company I left before enlisting. Different job, working in cold building installing heating systems. BRRR in Rhode Island in January. Worked a couple of other places and finally landed a job at the P.O.

      I was the first person to last under the Superintendant of Mails for more than 6 months, did 15 months or was going to go "postal" under that idiot. Youngest of two born.

      Joined the U.S. Air Force for a 4 yr stint, One year in Georgia, two in Turkey, and one out in never never land of far west Washington. Neah Bay. Now it's 1971 and orders to Osan, Korea in March. Site commander (A.F. Capt) would not attempt to extend me till my eldest was out of the school year. Bye-bye Air Force.

      Moved to Georgia til 76. Mother in law passes away, moved back to R.I. to keep father in law from drinking himself to death. After a leg operation joined the R.I. Air National Guard as a part timer and play their silly game for 12 years for a check at 60 years of age. Did not want to loose my eight years active. Promotion in communications was fast for me. E6 in two years and E7 two years later. Worked on the outside with a couple of companies, then lost my last job in Jan 83. Went to work at the Guard full time as a GS-5. Seven months later went again active duty in the Guard. Start the 12 years again for an active duty retirement. Cross trained into the supply system and worked in the same building the whole 12 years til retirement in 95. Thirty five years to get a good 20. Nice check every month since then.

      Left R.I. for Arizona in August of 95. Daughters married off and the wife needed a warmer climate. Sorry Florida retirees, can't stand the humidity. Worked for various jobs including Halliburton on Fort Huachuca and finally took Social Security in 2004 at age 62. Worked a couple of part time jobs afterward and now only mess around with selling postage stamps with on the web. Also dabble with the local gem and mineral club, cut and polish rocks, cook at the Elks or American Legion on occasion, play poker each Sun, and sing Karaoke whenever I can spare the cash for a couple of drinks. (Warms the tonsils), and cook supper five nights a week because the wife still works. Can't figure where the time goes. And the last four summers I have driven back to Rhode Island (2700 miles each way) to stay with the youngest daughter and her family. While there, the wife and I sell at the local flea market on weekends.

  Enough rambling. Life has been good and there is no time to get bored.

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