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Please honor and give thanks
to our Veterans that served
bravely and sacrificed much

Our Departed Shipmates Pass In Review       (of whom we are aware)

Hugh Armstrong, Jr
1927 - 2011

Gary Bradian
____ - 1998

Carroll R. Brumit
1943 - 2013

Richard Champagne
____ - 1965

Richard "Rick" Crim
____ - 2015

Gary D. Cross
1947 - 2016

Dick Everett
1945 - 2010

Connie DeWitt Hayes
1945 - 2014

James E. Lasher
____ - 2011

Max Martinez
____ - 2001

James Francis Noonan
1946 - 2014

Elvin Rogers Shively
1935 - 2015

Charles F. Skillman
____ - 2014

Gary R. Thoma
1944 - 2012

Donald L. Zimmer
1933 - 2006

NBAers, Unknown,
Who Have Passed

"Just a common soldier"
by A. Lawrence Vancourt
Perforemed by Tony Lo Bianco

May 27, 2016
Our Memorial Day Tribute
Photograph of the
Original NBA Radio Station

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NBAers who have passed on to calmer waters.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
The Virtual Wall

The Veterans Administration has provided a Dell PC with Zoom Text software installed; they also provided the training which has enabled Jim Tucker (NBAer 1964 & 1965) to build and maintain this stie. Click Here for a video which shows Tuck using Zoom Text on his PC.

Onboard NBAers' assisting in this endeavor include:

Vic Behan (1964-66) in photo spiffing and page building, and Gallery design
If you're an NBAer with skills to enhance our website, please volunteer those skills.

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