Stan Rhone, 2015

Stan Rhone

Life after NBA/Summit

1967 - 1969

Stationed at Summit from Spring of 1967 to August of 1969. ETN3

I had spent a year at US NavCommSta Newport R.I. waiting for ET school. When my 18 month tour was up in the CZ, I only had 11 months left so they left me at Summit for the remainder of my time in the Navy. Enjoyed my time there and have many great memories.

Upon discharge, I returned to Texas and began college in the fall of 1969. Met my future wife in college and we married in 1971. We have been married now for 45 years. We graduated with teaching certificates from Midwestern State University and began our careers as teachers and I also coached football for 12 years. I became a HS principal for 7 years and then an Alternative school principal for 19 years before retiring in 2014. My wife had retired a couple of years earlier. We have 3 beautiful grown daughters, 3 great sons in law and currently have 6 wonderful grandkids. Youngest daughter has only been married for a year so we hope to increase that grandkid total in the future. Our two oldest girls graduated from Texas A&M and the youngest from Baylor University. We have lived in Cleburne, Texas---just south of the DFW metroplex--- for the past 36 years.
Kids and grandkids are close by so my better half says we are not moving anywhere. We love to travel and are planning trips to different parts of the US in the coming years.

We recently returned from a Navy reunion with 2 other Summit sailors. We have kept up over the years and this last reunion was our 11th. We plan our get togethers every three years.

I am enjoying retirement and play golf every chance I get. Glad I discovered this web site and hope to hear from others that served at Summit with me.

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