Randall Eugene Shore


1965 - 1967

Mon, 31 Dec 2007

     Well, I left Farfan in Jan 67 along with Odonnell and and someone else but can't remember who. I stayed in Shawnee ok until Dec that year working for Ma Bell, frameman, actually.

     I moved to Pascagoula Ms. and messed around for basically 3 years, working again for Ma Bell on the frame, Southern bell this time.

     I decided to reinlist in 1970, and, was flown to the Philippines, where I was on Comphibron One staff for 3 years, when I transferred to Navcommsta San Diego.

     Mustered out on July 13 1976 and moved back to Oklahoma. I worked a couple of jobs in OKC and moved to Muskogee, bout the time Okie from Muskogee was popular, as a Dispatcher for Oklahoma Highway Patrol; fun job, but decided to reinlist one.....more....time.

     November 1977 I flew back to , you guessed it, Subic Bay, where I joined the crew of the Uss Mount Vernon (LSD 39). this ship was sunk in 2005 from being used for target practice. It seems navy gunners were a little more accurate by then, hehe.

     November 1979 I went to work as civilian at NCS San Diego ca. Coincidentally money was better as civilian, go figure.

     I transferred laterally to Tinker AFB here in Midwest City Ok in 1982 and worked there till I took early Civil Service retirement in 1994. Yay for incentive bonuses. (bonusi nawww)

     I enjoyed retirement for a while and did a few odd jobs, until 1999 I went to work for AoL, as a Tech csr, mostly.

     Woke up on May 6th 2002 and said, nope, no more irate phone calls fer me and left em.

     I've mainly goofed with odd jobs here and there until this date, 12/31/07, but mostly am completely retired, and its hard to believe that I am finally drawing old folks pay from the govt also.

     From jan 67 till now, I managed to get engaged 2 times and almost did many more, but, no wifes, kids, or grandkids for me.

     Unlike Jim, I never had to go in country during Vietnam, but I was in the squadron that swept the mines from Haiphong Harbor in 1973.

     Imagine being bout a half mile from docks there, and having little PT boats circle your ship (USS Dubuque) for 56 days port and starboard, mostly with their fingers on the triggers of dual 50cals.

     I went outside ONE time during that 2 months.

     That's it, nothing Thrilling. I have missed out on lots, but I have been places , seen things and had girlfriends in places most guys only dream about. I guess it's not been so bad.

Randall Eugene Shore

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