15th Naval District Headquarters, Balboa, Panama, Canal Zone 1941

15ND Headquarters Building, Panama, CZ, 1941

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15ND Headquarters Housing, Panama, CZ, 1941

These Photographs courtesy Leon S. Dorr, NBAer/Farfaner 1941-1944 (a.k.a. de link)
Link has included the following note about these pictures:

From: LSD
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011
To: tuck

"These are from the 1940's....early say 41. I bunked in the left side of the blding. The sick bay ck in with pharmacy was out front. Wish I had someone to back me up on that. I was there when they put a hole thru the cememt partition to get to sick bay. I beleive I was the only swavie that bunked there. There were transients there now an then. It was the bellhops quarters believe they call the Marines. Hi!! I used to give them drill lessons....long story - Never went to boot camp. Almost did in 1934 but my father would not sign for me. I forged his signature to get into the V3 program but didn't dare to do it again.

The Bottom picture was Radio Balboa......Over by the 15th ND Hqtrs building Receiveing site before Farfan was built. Compare it to what the people in 66-68 called the Receiveing Site. ... One station there in that period could take pictures we couldn't. The Hqtrs building had just about been built. They were still working on it in 1941 & 1942. Ask If anyone has a picture of the building way back. 73 de Link"

Here's a photograph found by NBAer Wayne Braley that does go W A Y B A C K ... not necessarily the picture Leon was looking for, but it'll do:

Original NBA Radio Station (about 1914)


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