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A Summit Residence

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Summit's Garden
Tire of doing the QSY or QRO requests from Farfan? Have some of Maz's Lasagna (Maz was homesick for lasagna and talked his way into making one. Had to doctor it up, a bit: cottage cheese subbed for rocotta, white american cheese for mozzarella)Turned out Swell!

When you tire of the Summit Garden's tranquility and stoked with cuisine A La Maz, it's off to Gamboa, Panama, for some quality R&R

   John Whiting visited the NBA Environs the summer of 2010. He reports that Summit no longer exists.   
   May this album from Maz help keep the jungle at bey.   

    Click Here for some excellent photographs of Summit and the FRT-73 transmitter system.   


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