Max Martinez

In Memoriam

Navy Anchor Max


Radioman 2nd Class Petty Officer

Our friend Max Martinez passed away in November, 2001. Those of us who knew Max are all aware of his incredible mind and quick wit. He made good use of that intellect after leaving Farfan. Max retired from the Navy, after which he attended St. Mary's University and East Texas State University, earning an M.A. from the latter in 1972. He taught creative writing at the University of Houston from 1977 to 1982.

Max then went on to write three novels, Layover (Arte Público Press, 1997), White Leg (Arte Público Press, 1996) and Schoolland (Arte Público Press, 1988), and two collections of stories, The Adventures of the Chicano Kid (Arte Público Press, 1982) and A Red Bikini Dream (Arte Público Press, 1989). It appears as though all except Adventures of the Chicano Kid are still available from the publisher

Rest in peace, Max, we miss you.

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