James Francis Noonan
1946 - 2014

Radioman. Stationed at NBA, Farfan,1964 - 1967.

Jim passed away March 16, 2014 in Bradenton, Florida. Survivors include his wife, Maryann, his four children, Kathleen, Kerry, James and Maureen and five grandchildren.

Remberances from a few Shipmates:

Jim Tucker - "Jim was a good shipmate whom we could count on for strength and leadership. There was just always something solid about Jim and being with him gave us a sense of security."

Joe Cosgrove - "One of my favorite memories of Jim was when we decided to go to Sunday Mass up at Ft Kobbe. We were waiting to go into the confessional when all of a sudden, the priest that was hearing confessions said quite loudly to whoever was in there "what do you think this is? A Circus!!". Needlessly to say, we decided to leave and go downtown instead... I remember Jim listening to his classical music, wearing designer flip flops and always dressed very neatly. I think if we had been a MASH unit, he would have been our Winchester (minus the snooty attitude).JAMES FRANCIS NOONAN..good Irishman and knowing that "he got to the gates of heaven a half hour before the devil knew he was gone. RIP old friend."

Mark Anton - "...Jim was always nice and friendly. At one of our reunions, he and I sat across from each other in New Orleans at the hotel and both of us "thought" he knew the other guy but wasn't sure. Finally I got up the nerve to ask him if he was Jim Noonan and we both laughed ourselves silly..."

Wayne Braley - "... I remember Jim was in the corner room with Pat Ward. It was at the very end of the barracks next to the road going down to the BP..."

Jerry Mader - "I remember Jim well. He spent time training me on the nerk circuits when I first arrived at Farfan in 1966. I can still see his leg jumping up and down as a was receiving traffic. Jim was a quiet guy with a good sense of humor and if I remember correctly could always be seen wearing flip flops as if he was on a vacation.....Jim rest in peace and be assured you are remembered fondly."

Please note that Jim shared his Farfan Photos with us. Visit his album: Click Here
Click Here for the 2005 New Orleans Reunion Album.


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