The 15thND 1966 Champion Softball Team
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March 1966 @ Marine Barracks Rodman, Panama   Names, Positions and Home Town.
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Black and White Photo:
Rear (left to Rt.)...

Papi Sanback 3rd Base Lowell Mass
Sean Parker Centerfield Mankato Minn.
Lt Charles Merry Ex Off. Logan Utah
Cmdr. Ed Wilson  CO  Bronx NY
Joe Dean   COACH  Mobile ALA.
Tim Megger  Outfield  Portsmouth New Hampshire
Danny Davidge Rt Field  San Fran Calif
Edwin Hendricks Left Field Chicago IL.

FRONT ROW: (Left to Rt)

Billy Shiveley Outfield  Kansas City Mo.
Charlie Hayes  1st Base   Dallas TX.
Carol Brummit 2nd Base New Orleans LA
Terry Roberts Catcher  Kodiak Alaska
Charlie Nichols PITCHER  Denver COLO.
Joe Haley  Head Coach  San Diego Calif.
Bob Hester Shortstop  Pittsburgh Penna.

Color Photo:

Rear left to rt:

Sean Parker
Papi Sanback
Charlie Hayes
Cmdr Wilson
Ed Hendrics
Tim Megger
Dan  Davidge
Joe Haley

Front Row (left to rt)

Bill Shiveley
Joe Dean
Bob Hester
Carol Brummit
Terry Roberts
Charlie Nichols


This photograph made available by
RMC William Shively
and the Team ID was prvided by Bob Hester.

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